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950/930 BC The tribe of Judah (Jews; and also another tiny tribe called the
Benjaminites) are kicked out of the Israelite tribe (which is actually a
group of tribes), and they resettle in southern Canaan (Palestine). (They are
kicked out because they are regarded as troublemakers and rebels, who do not
follow the others in the Israelite tribe, especially regarding the issue of
“one God for all”).

400 BC (approx.) The now-separate Jewish religion (rabbinical Judaism as
generally known today*) officially begins, but in oral form at first. It
maintains that the Judah are the "chosen people of God" (their God is
Jehovah), and that all other people are inferior to the Judah. In other
words, the first "official" bigotry in history, long before Christianity.
(*Note that there is a difference between “Old Testament Israel” and the
more modern “rabbinical Judaism”).

30 AD Jews kill Christ, or rather, have him killed, as some prefer. (Christ
is born about 4 BC). Christ is indeed killed by Jews for, among other things,
idolatry. (Jewish author Shahak confirms this).

740 AD: In Asia (northeast of Turkey), an entire Mongol/Turkish tribe, called
the Khazars, allegedly convert to Judaism en mass, all 4,000 of them, on
orders of their leader, Bulan. This will allegedly become the Ashkenazim
(largest) branch of world Jewry, although many now doubt this Khazar claim.

1012-1744 Jews are kicked out of the following countries, not once but many
times: France, Hungary, Belgium, Austria, Prussia, Spain, Italy, Netherlands,
and most other countries in Europe, Christian or not.

1596 William Shakespeare creates the negative Jewish character “Shylock,” a
Jewish money-lender (surprise), for his play “The Merchant of Venice.” Jews
have often since tried to ban the play from being performed.