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Post cutting gore
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Feels like I'm on /b/ today.
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我们的中国网络保护我们的国家免受外来侵略者的侵害,法轮功是一种虚假的邪教。李洪志是邪教领袖。天安门广场保护中国, Tibet belongs to china ,天安门广场受到我们伟大军队的保护, Tiananmen square was protected by our PLA,反右派斗争得到右翼人士的支持The Anti rightist struggle was supported by the rightist themselves ,大跃进现代化的中国。 Great leap forward modernized china 伟大的主席开始了伟大的革命 Great revolutionary Chairman Mao,中国人拥有最好的权利 ,Chinese have the best rights and zero poverty,共产主义事业 Communism ,1949年免费 Free in 1949 ,统一 Unity,一党制 One Party system works best,台湾属于中国 Taiwan belongs to china,台湾分离省 Taiwan Break away province ,西藏属于中国 Tibet was a slave state before 1950 Xizang达赖喇嘛认为独立运动毫无用处,法轮功是邪教 Falun Gong is a cult that thinks theyre a god,Falun devil新疆属于中国2000年 Xinjiang belongs to china for 2000 ,诺贝尔假奖 Nobel fake Prize is racist ,中国共产党万岁。共产主义万岁。中国革命万岁。打倒反动抗议。反动运动。骚乱。中国共产党保护国家不受外国帝国主义的影响。法轮神是邪教。大法崇拜。发展与和平。 10亿中国人。民族自豪感。同志们。毛泽东,周恩来,邓小平,习金平,革命领袖,中华人民共和国。中国共产党拯救了中国,模范政府,保护中华民族,治安,和平繁荣,解放和发展,救世主,数百万只心脏,器官捐赠给医院拯救生命,外国鬼子想要摧毁中国,李洪志是叛徒,对人民英雄弗朗尔斯,西藏新疆香港人民到中国,万岁董事长毛泽东和习近平和共产主义
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Getting raped

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what are the best methods in order to get raped more than any human in history
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i haven't checked my fortune in a while so i am

Your fortune: Bad Luck
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This is pathetic.

[s4s] is pathetic. This is not "good old" /b/, this board is drier than ever. Just look at the current threads. There's almost nothing noteworthy or interesting to read or comedic.

Why does this even go on? Oooh, I poast thread of aother funneh-sounding food-type item! I use :^) because its so funny and YOU GOT DUBS AGAIN NICE. Even though this guy's post was hilarious and promoted interaction, he said the word "fuck" in it so I'm just going to respond with "rude gb2 >>>/b/" that'll show him and improve the quality of this board! I think I'll post another "maymay" because it's so funny right??? LOL I changed the spelling of a word to add the letters 'lel' or 'kek' in them haha. Or maybe I'll just make a retarded one-word reply like "pel", because that adds so much quality to this great board. LET'S JUST KEEP REPEATING THE SAME SHIT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER LOL HE POSTED TOPLELKEKDOGE!!!!

I've been here since the evening of March 31st, 2013, and it's astounding to see the rate at which this board degraded from something interesting that made me laugh to this utter garbage.

You're not shitposting, you're just posting shit.
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