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Im a 13 year old boy for Cameroon and i live in a small village with my family that consists of me,my 3 brothers,our newborn sister and my parents.We are living a quiet,simple but happy life and we get our food from our cattle and chickens.Recently me and my bro were playing in our basement when we accidentally brook a jar with salted cucumbers and my mother beat us up both for what we've done.My favorite things to do is collecting sticks so i can sword fight with my brothers,playing football and shoving my veiny raging cock right in my sister's honey smelling little snatch.Words can't describe the intense taste of sugar that drips out of her hole when i stretch it nice and well.Im addicted to having sex with my 3 months old sibling and i can't stop myself unless i have my nipples rubbed until the red milk runs out of them.
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Hows about another /b/ ruse cruise?
when >>>/b/532183029 is posted, reply to it like it is the most confusing thing you have ever read
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How do i become the King of s4s?
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7PM EST Tonight we will be having a listening party for the new [s4s] album-Greatest Gets

Come in and listen together with your fellow figs, we'll make a night of it :^)

So say roughly under an hour and a half from now.
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Monkey man here.
It has come to my attention to my good close friend jim (a.k.a. jungle is massive) has attacked me personally several times and has unfortunately become enemies with me. As much as I would love to heal our relationship, for the betterment of monkeygoers, it'd be best if we all collectively just cut ties with him permanently. Starting today, this thread, Jim/Jungle is Massive will no longer be allowed to post in monkey/soda/introducing threads and no one shall utter his name also enjoy this post containing a picture of G8rH8r's delicious Zaxbys meal >>8540851
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Unova. Home. At least it was. Till I went and fucked it all up!

Your fortune: Reply hazy, try again
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idk what you're trying to prove but all you're proving is that you're an idiot. no one is fooled by the way you carry on like some big bad billy badass. you're a weasel. a coward. a bitch. how big even is you're dick? bigger than mine? i doubt it. mine is enormous. they say you're biggest organ if you're tongue or you're brain or you're hands or sommat. idk. mine is my cock. so next time just shut you're goddamn mouth before you open it or else i will shut it for you.
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this board sucks
fuck you

Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン
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