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idk what you're trying to prove but all you're proving is that you're an idiot. no one is fooled by the way you carry on like some big bad billy badass. you're a weasel. a coward. a bitch. how big even is you're dick? bigger than mine? i doubt it. mine is enormous. they say you're biggest organ if you're tongue or you're brain or you're hands or sommat. idk. mine is my cock. so next time just shut you're goddamn mouth before you open it or else i will shut it for you.
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this board sucks
fuck you

Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン
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even though this board cancelled me a long time ago, i still continue to care about you guys... come give me a hug!

Your fortune: Average Luck
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oh cool how epic kid
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Where am I? Is this some sort of place where I can find some interesting content? Or all of this is a joke to trick me into a illusion which makes me think about how this is great? From the depths of hell I find a very weird building which I cannot enter yet everyone is entering? But let's first talk about some things. Have you ever thought that something felt wrong and you had to climb up these stairs right over there? I didn't mean it, but this completely changed my mind. It is a trick, to fool us all to make us think that we even can do this. But it is incredible, how all of this is raising. And I don't even have a chance to walk, not even exist. Just traveling into the wonderful tiny space. And this is not enough? Do I want more? That is another thing they want us to believe, but whatever, the best will always be the least popular, in every occasion? What has happened? This is why I dreamed.
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6th post will be 5.
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i bought lactose intlolerant plells! i cam finlely eat my cheese wheel wifout da diarrheae!!!1
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new board rule: only 5 posts per day
any more and you've broken the rule
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>post literally anything
>get mistaken for those gay needy discord troons and get banned

This is goodbye I guess, esfores isn't nice anymore
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[s4s]'s official /biz/ embassy has opened! Get in there protest your right to fun post!
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