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Who in the world gives evil laughs in real life? Evil laughs seem like something that only exists in cartoons.
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Im a sleepyhead I like slee...zzzzzz
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*reveals no benis*

Your fortune: Outlook good
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quick reminder to those petty meme forcers: SPAM never created memes, keep that in mind once you spam your mediocre pictures/copypastas again

only good OC will turn into a meme, that's why kek got popular but other rip offs like wew, zugzug, froge, gippo reminder, blimp and all the other spam never got famous outside of s4s, in fact when you see this ONE picture posted all the time then it's the same guy who always tries to force his meme, keep this in your mind, because at the moment all you guys do is spamming, spamming and spamming

come up with something new, with something good, instead of wasting all your time on creating new threads or posts with the same, by the community, unaccepted pictures

thanks for reading
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Proud of you for getting through today.
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just finished watching lain and I feel like repurposing my existence based on the philosophy of the show
let's all love lain
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Mo~tto Ojamajo Doremi Ep. 38 「I Want to Go to School!」

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Today's another episode about Kayoko-chan ;_;
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this image is the da vinci code painting of [s4s]

it is the zero point of all lore and has been heavily surpressed by niceposters who want to deny the reality that [s4s] is not a family friendly blue board and that bury pink is actually one of the most passable transgender female futas of all history

do not trust the cabal of disinformation and spikeman cultists

this is lewd board
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Post in this thread to receive demonic powers.
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