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i just needed one person to share love with
just one person...
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play rhythm games everyday, play competitive shooter games, walk around the streets and make tiktok videos, find someone to bully in a fun way, find cute things and buy something cute, go to arcades and amusement parks at least once every week ! so good life of average Toyoko Kid (not including menhera hour activities)
What is your average everyday life like?
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i LOVE Playing games with darling but for some reason i sometimes lose Focus,, how do i stop that from happening ? it happens so very randomly..
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[s4s] OC Albume 27 - GET HYPED! - Threade 1

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My dearest [s4s],

The morning dew brushes off of the grass as I walk from gathering the post. It's just bills, but the thrill of the cold water dancing against my toes in the pale morning's light is enough to inspire even the darkest chambers of my soul into revelation.
I think it's about time for another OC Albume; don't you agree?

WELCOME BACK to the MOST EBIN event that [s4s] has ever seen; the OC Albume Series! Since October 2013 [s4s] has been creating the most WONDERFUL music ever devised; both hilarious and melodic, disturbing and discordian, the OC Albume Series has been host to music from all genres, created by figs of all walks of life and skill levels. Whether you are a budding Mozart or a kid in the kitchen with a spoon, a pan, and a microphone, the [s4s] OC Albume is the perfect place to showcase your work and become part of HISTORY!

OC Albumes are hosted in two places:

Check them out to see what kind of work we've done, or if you want to experience the GLORY that is the OC Albume series!

This thread is the first of the submission threads for OC Albume 27, currently unnamed! Post your music (Soundcloud, vocaroo, or however you share your files), cover art, or ideas to this thread! Come and make something beautiful with you're friends :^) Submission normally lasts around a month or so, with more details in the thread as time proceeds!

I even hear that Le Radioman has some plans for this thread, so stay tuned and create create create! I love you all dearly, and THANK YOU for being my friends!!!


Your fortune: キタ━━━━━━(゚∀゚)━━━━━━ !!!!
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Post rare buries/berries

Your fortune: ( ´_ゝ`)フーン
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dai suki suki suki o suki~
suki suki suki o suki~
suki suki suki o suki~
i luv u (luv and peace!)
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i feel Sick
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Break my heart or break my bones, it makes no difference to me.
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Your fortune: Godly Luck
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I miss when [s4s] had actual antagonistic characters like magic, vlad, noah, neppy and catfish
It was fun to shit on them
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