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imagine being possess by a demin.

Imagine how blissful that would be
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le funny duck
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introducing marriage
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i was at the bank today (this is a rare occurrence for me)

I went to the teller lady first, but she told me i needed to get a ticket from the ticket machine, so i went to the ticket machine, it said to insert my bank card into it which i did but then i realized i inserted it into the wrong slot (the one where the paper comes out) like a fucking retard and the machine ate it up they had to unlock the whole thing and remove the side panels to retrieve my card i was so embarrassed im never leaving my room ever again
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Gee mister, submissive pedophiles like you really are the most pathetic. People who take advantage of children are already repulsive enough, imagine being so lowly and pitiful the child actually takes advantage of you instead. Imagine unironically wanting to be a passive helpless seat for a slightly thicc loli neet's plump ass while she eats snacks and watches cartoons and uses your penor as a footstool. Imagine being such a worthless horny loser you wouldn't mind if she suffocated you under her butte and you never made it out from underneath her alive. Gee, I'm so glad you're my slave now mister, the world doesn't need horrible excuses for human beings walking free. Think of all the other little girls I'm saving by taking you in as my dedicated seat cushion, oh wait I forgot, you're such a timid weakling you wouldn't have had the guts to molest them anyway. Hey buy me this food, buy me that toy, oh what's that your bank account's empty already, sorry I can't hear you under there, can you mumble a little louder into my cunny so maybe some of the sound will make it out. Gee mister I'm sure you don't mind, suffocating and going hungry from poverty is worth it to get to spend all your time under a little girl's superior body, right? Dirty old loser. Loleing at your life
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Tired of getting banned for talking about your masturbatory habits?

Miss your old friends who have been rudely banned by team 4chan?

Want to have a nice, gay time?

You're in luck!

A new place opened up!

All the cool, anime induced gender dysphoria kids are there, don't miss out!
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When making threads, do you keep your pics/gifs/webms or do you delete them immediately?
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