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when will munch return from war

Your fortune: Good Luck
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Serious /pol/ thread part 6

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SJW more like... SGAYW haha lol
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thanks [s4s]
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ayo juts got da new i fone
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If you reveal this spoiler, it unleashes a curse of being unsure upon you! You will never quite know what your purpose in this world is or if there really is purpose in anything at all unless you post "i'm here for the memes" in this thread.
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We have been through this too many times. But because of several wistful resentments and reprisals, i want to address this issue once again. and i repeatedly will say again and again that i will not repeat myself once more. Though if my sincere frustrations is not taken in to account we will have to take care of more severe actions.
It Disheartens me to see the willpower – or rather, i will call this undisputed anomaly stubbornness – of such a modest and serene group of Individuals™ disintegrated. And i must say this threat of extinguishing something this arboresque is a matter that should be of concern for, not only You®, as an Individual™, but all of us as a dynamic whole©.

So i say this to you my friends and fellows and fierce unsurpassed buddies. I expect this to be a wake-up-call for those of you with skeletons in closets and serving members of no man undisgraced. We are a group with privilege
and this privilege has to be checked, lest it remains unchecked – a state in wich we cannot accept ourselves as sovereign and strong. this checking of the so-called privilege will be undoubtedly rewarded Doubly

With squalid grace
your true man
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*plays video games instead of showering*
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My mom walked in on me watching porn so I clicked on a random tab to hide it, but that tab had Loli porn on it. I saw her face shift to a grim flat expression for a split second before she turned around beelined to the door without a word.
What do I do, [s4s]? I don't really want to talk about porn with my mom but it was a misunderstanding and she already thinks lowly of me.
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EVEREROYON E POLEASE REMBER TBAT LEWD POSTING IS RUDE POSTING AND PLEAS GO TO SOMEWHER ELSE IF U DO IT IT MAKES M ESOO UNCOMFY AND MAKES ME CRY NOT becajse i dont have sex though i have healthy amounts of sex with (your moms LOLE) it sjust theres a time and PLACWE FOR EVERYTHIGN BUT NOT HEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!