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The Topkek Tribune

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Bird importance defined as menes compel checking!
Creativity rates chart all time highs!
Anime as shadow biosphere, analyzed!
Cheese memewave deluges the board!
Read all about it! Full story here!
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How many of you faggots have actually watched Kare Kano?
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it's AGAIN time.. for a memetable thread!!!
many incredible memes were added in the last thread, and now we will continue (and maybe complete?!) the work that was started long ago
>>9897575 thank you for udu he is now on the udu space :^)
spaces left: cxc dhd dpd dtd dxd dzd fcf frf fwf gfg gvg gxg hph hqh hth imi iqi jlj jmj jqj jsj jtj jvj jxj kdk kpk kxk lkl lpl lrl lxl lzl mpm mqm mzm nqn qdq qgq qhq qxq rhr rqr tdt tjt tqt tzt uju ulu uxu vcv vdv vkv vnv vqv vwv vxv vzv wnw wxw xhx xkx xlx xrx xsx yny ysy yvy ywy yxy zhz zjz zlz znz zsz ztz
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This is pathetic.

[s4s] is pathetic. This is not "good old" /b/, this board is drier than ever. Just look at the current threads. There's almost nothing noteworthy or interesting to read or comedic.

Why does this even go on? Oooh, I poast thread of aother funneh-sounding food-type item! I use :^) because its so funny and YOU GOT DUBS AGAIN NICE. Even though this guy's post was hilarious and promoted interaction, he said the word "fuck" in it so I'm just going to respond with "rude gb2 >>>/b/" that'll show him and improve the quality of this board! I think I'll post another "maymay" because it's so funny right??? LOL I changed the spelling of a word to add the letters 'lel' or 'kek' in them haha. Or maybe I'll just make a retarded one-word reply like "pel", because that adds so much quality to this great board. LET'S JUST KEEP REPEATING THE SAME SHIT OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER AND OVER LOL HE POSTED TOPLELKEKDOGE!!!!

I've been here since the evening of March 31st, 2013, and it's astounding to see the rate at which this board degraded from something interesting that made me laugh to this utter garbage.

You're not shitposting, you're just posting shit.
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what's in the box?

Your fortune: Godly Luck
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sigh..... this life was stolen from me.... time to commit suide
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Getting raped

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what are the best methods in order to get raped more than any human in history
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[s4s] meetup
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This is squeaky, she’s 7446 days old and probably going to heaven tonight. Please pray for her soul.
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