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A hey esfores lets make a list of the worst boards and the best boards
if I had to nominate some boards for the worst list theyd be
and for the best boards maybe
please add and modify the list as you see fit

Your fortune: Good news will come to you by mail
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let's finish the abengers endgame poster (for real)

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there are only eight squares left to do (last time i forgot a9)!
they are a5, a6, a9, c4, e3, e9, f5 and f9 left
don't worry i have a png file so i can post the highest quality pic on /hr/
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Nightly "I'm high" thread
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Would you love a thin fembot even if she had a bodycount of 1 and lots of self harm scars?
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anyone else up...
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There are people on this website that LITERALLY want to have sex with cartoon children.
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Osaka Simulator

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Guys I've been in a bad state lately after a little fight with my fellas.
I need something to cheer me up.
Thinking about trying out Osaka Simulator.
Is it even remotely enjoyable?