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it's AGAIN time.. for a memetable thread!!!
many incredible memes were added in the last thread, and now we will continue (and maybe complete?!) the work that was started long ago
>>9897575 thank you for udu he is now on the udu space :^)
spaces left: cxc dhd dpd dtd dxd dzd fcf frf fwf gfg gvg gxg hph hqh hth imi iqi jlj jmj jqj jsj jtj jvj jxj kdk kpk kxk lkl lpl lrl lxl lzl mpm mqm mzm nqn qdq qgq qhq qxq rhr rqr tdt tjt tqt tzt uju ulu uxu vcv vdv vkv vnv vqv vwv vxv vzv wnw wxw xhx xkx xlx xrx xsx yny ysy yvy ywy yxy zhz zjz zlz znz zsz ztz
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Youre having a walk in the freeway when you notice a big man fall over Sakura from Street Fighter Alpha. What do you do?
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Ehhhh? You are getting turned on by my feet?
I wonder what would happen if I were to stick them in your face juuust like that.
Hahahaa you are so embarassed it funny.
And what's that anon? You are getting erect? Seriously? Just by looking at those cute feet of mine?
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Your fortune: Excellent Luck
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Better do it or bad memes

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confession thred?

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tell me ur darkest seekrets! tell the internet instead of getting help :3
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