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cool thread
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/jp/ is cute fren
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your purple is my brown
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not exclusively for PHYSICAL reasons
im talking you better listen
i have a theory
they have changed the sugar
it is evil and going to fuck you
do not eat the sugar in large quantities, preferably cast it to the wayside and never look back
the bread man with the poofy crabs showed you the sugar in the bread that is more than enough sugar in the bread a,,,,nd he even was told by the little witch that he could even add a little more sugar that is i think
what is contributing to the sugar problem when [REDACTED] told the man to increase sug,,,,,ar in the crab bread and talked to the yeast it made sugar potency evil and fiendish and you dont want any of that wretched grain shit in side of you are my thoughts definitely not the bag and the ladies will find th
em and that is not a good thing either lay off the sugar buddy i am sure if nothing is happened to the things that are conspiring on our bodies it will make the flood look like a fucking joke t,,,,,hey infiltrate our bodies with evil and cause distraction in form of global disasters like [REDACTED] and [REDACTED] and variants and secondary doses and shots up the ass and hidden in kinder and worker uprising remember [REDACTED] that was surely a part of the plan we are going to lay off the s
ugar and inherit the world of the sugarless sugar is not what it seems in any way do not be fooled your reluctant res
ponse to my airing of messages does NOT save your face from any fire or exhaust
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Insaneposting thread, anyone? I'll go first

You say that I cannot be trusted but every time I have the moon on the 9th night a full moon appears and with him the 7th holy scripture indeed it is holy & with all of his might he shall descend onto the Earth not as you know him no not as an angel but a harbinger of chaos who continues to have nothing to himself it's festering until there is nothing but agony for which you have to own up to. But why? Nobody knows and that is why it is up to you and why it is imperative that we do not dictate all that we observe until we can continue to change our paradigm until it's likening more to what could have been more favorable for those of us that keep giving
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my bf took my boicherry tonight
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