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DUFE....is their a charcater that could posisibly EAVEN TOUCH MANDARIN UCHIHUAHUA??? Let alone de FEAT this LERGEND??? BRO..... I'm not tackling about EDOUGH TESNEI MOOCHIE ODARA!!! I’m NOT EEEEEEEEEVEN talking about GOUDOUGH RINNIE TESNEI URCHIN RAMADAN eather! LOOK, BRO..... let me BRAKE it down 4 you... I'm TALKING about JEWBEY JENCHOORUKI GOUDOUGH RHINESTONE TESNEI UCHEHA MARACA with the ETERNAL MANGOKYO SHARING-GONE and WINAGAIN DOUGHNUT JEWED ZOO (with the COOKIE DOUGH ablilties and bieng cabaple of both TEARING ASSHOLES and SUCKING YUMMY PENSISES (JK ROFLMAO!!!!!!!!) hes is also equiped with his GUN........... a PERFECT SUSANOO'O'O-O O-O'O, with control of the JEWS and GEDOUGH MOZARELLA, and THE BIG MAN’s DNA iplemanted in him so he has MOTOGENKUNO TOPKEKKAI and can pefrorm YING YANG RELEASE on the COART while being an expert in OWNING THE GLASS!!!