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/v/craft A Vanilla Minecraft Server

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A vanilla 1.19.0 server, pirated and cracked friendly for those who want to avoid Mircrosft's ever worsening tactics.
The server is one of the oldest in 4chan history and has maintained an active player-base throughout the years and we're looking to get some new joins on to this lovely little map we call home.

IP - mc.chimpout.club:25600
Map - http://mc.chimpout.club:9788/ ~ 1.17 terrain up to 5k, 1.18 terrain up to 15k, and 1.19 to 16k.

>How to can I join?
Official and pirated clients can join in without issue. Users using free VPNs may be blocked due to Russian bots abusing it.

Yes, this isn't an anarchy server so don't be using hacks or cheats to nuke spawn. Use /rules for more info.