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R.I.P. in peace Urist McDwarf

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For those of you who don't know, Urist McDwarf was the creator of the [s4s] game, the [s4s] Dispatch, the first [s4s] OC album, and the blimp meme. If you don't know what the blimp meme is that's ok because it never caught on, however the method in which he delivered did. See any "Prepare to x like you've never x'd before".
Game here: http://s4s.wikia.com/wiki/S4s:_the_Game
Blimp: http://s4s.wikia.com/wiki/Blimp

Recently I was contacted by a man under Urist' supposed private email address. This man claimed to be his father and told me of why Urist fell off the face of the planet in November last year. Urist committed suicide November 20th, 2013. Urist never was for the most part anonymous but his works have forever impacted [s4s]. I know this is 'le 4chan intrbutt h8 machine XD' but I felt that for those who cared, this is why he was gone.

For those who may remember Kleenexkek from tinychat or Lelgolas on early [s4s], that was Urist.

Here's just some stuff about Urist' suicide.

I don't expect anyone to not take this somewhere it shouldn't go, but for those who want to leave a nice comment I will be emailing Urist' father back with anything you'd like as he has asked me to. He apparently doesn't know what 1337 memers we are, he only knows of us through Urist' writing that he found on the computer.