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Im a 13 year old boy for Cameroon and i live in a small village with my family that consists of me,my 3 brothers,our newborn sister and my parents.We are living a quiet,simple but happy life and we get our food from our cattle and chickens.Recently me and my bro were playing in our basement when we accidentally brook a jar with salted cucumbers and my mother beat us up both for what we've done.My favorite things to do is collecting sticks so i can sword fight with my brothers,playing football and shoving my veiny raging cock right in my sister's honey smelling little snatch.Words can't describe the intense taste of sugar that drips out of her hole when i stretch it nice and well.Im addicted to having sex with my 3 months old sibling and i can't stop myself unless i have my nipples rubbed until the red milk runs out of them.