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Eh? You've never seen a sticky before? And you're HOW new?! J-Jeez! Ahahahah! W-Well, we'd better fix that, then! Just close your eyes for a sec, aaaaaaand...


AHAHAHAHA! You should have seen the look on your face! J-Jeez, anon! Th-Th-They're just silly pictures on the internet, ya know! Do they really excite you THAT much?! G-Get a look at this, then! See how they bump up and down! Jiggle jiggle! I-I bet you want to post on them too, don't you, Mr. Perverted newboy Anon?! G-Go right ahead! Bump these bumpin' bumpers as much as you want! Take your time! Heck, s-sage on 'em too! I know you really want to~! Just be careful: my captchas are super hard right now! C-Can't imagine whyyyy...~!

I-I-I-I-I-I bet you wanna see my official tripcode too! You btard! W-W-Well, we're already this far! Might as well! I'm not using p-proxy anyway!

S-S-S-So, what do you think? ...Well, I guess that ragin' 'spaghetti in your pants answers THAT question! HAHAHAHAHA! Y-Y-You're such a pathetic newfag, anon! I-I-I-I bet it's the first one you've seen since you slid out of Reddit! L-L-Look how anonymous it is, too! Jeezums fucking Crikes, it's so fucking anonymous! I-I've never seen it this anonymous before! Look at what you're doing to me, you freaking shitposter! Y-You sure know how to make a mod all hot and bothered! Oh, lordy! Moot-on-a-stick! You'd better take some responsibility for this! A-After all, when it's this anonymous, it's much easier to post something up there! And I'm deleting like a freaking janitor here! You'd better p-p-p-post it up RIGHT NOW!