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The Weekly Peek #130 – LAST ISSUE/NUMBER

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The last number of The Weekly Peek ever! (?)

I've made the decision to stop creating and publishing The Weekly Peek, post peeker's [s4s] newspaper, after more than two years of delivering a new newspaper almost every week (and making up for the weeks I couldn't post a new issue in). I don't really have as much time as I used to ("Peeking is a full-time job", remember? It's not anymore). It also seems the paper has also had a more negative reception this year than before.

I still might make appearances on [s4s], but I may have to leave the board later this year. However, I'll try to make at least one Post Peeking Thread before that.

This last issue of The Weekly Peek has news about gun, peeking, and /r9k/'s new sticky. It also has a brief history of the newspaper and extra large advertisement and "On Other Boards" section. I hope you enjoy it.


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