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When it comes to 4chan moderators, its easy to feel helpless in the face of moderator abuse, especially when that mod hates your board and wants to push his own content at the expense of many posters. Though if you'd like to help in seeing this mass enbie spam gone, there's still something that all of us, including (You), can do.


Send feedback.

For the subject line: Request for Resignation of Moderator Nana_/Kazisho

Message: nana_, formerly known as Kazisho, has demonstrated abuse of power in his moderation of [s4s]. While demonstrating openly his disdain for [s4s] board culture, he has abused the ability to lock and sticky threads for the sake of publicizing his personally favored content. This IRC log (https://imgur.com/a/NAlGhOc) is supporting evidence for moderation abuse claims.

nana_ has stickied “Enbie” content for his own sake and allowed one-word spam bumps of all “Enbie” threads for four months and counting. These threads usually number 20-50 at a time on any given day. He has also locked threads that did not prioritize his content; for example, this thread (https://boards.4chan.org/s4s/thread/9231836) was locked after the content was edited to include “Enbie” in a different thread (https://boards.4chan.org/s4s/thread/9233249).

Posters who have opposed this flagrant abuse of power with spam or copypasta have been met with bans or thread deletion, especially when either are posted in “Enbie” threads. Even a fellow moderator, fission, was banned for “impersonating staff” in a stickied thread that nana_ did not like, as seen in this IRC log (https://imgur.com/a/2d8mTm5).

All of these actions by nana_ constitute abuse of moderation for personal satisfaction that will drive away quality posters and destroy the culture of the board.