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Serie A

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Will it ever be this good again?
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England vs Germany u21s European Championship semifinals /Very Creative OP Pic/ Edition

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'49 minutes in.
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Could be Dembele be the next Granate?

Lets find out!
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/nfl/ generak - FAT CHANCE edition

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MIN: Vikings GM says Floyd will remain on roster
MIN: Michael Floyd sentenced to one day in jail
NO: Saints place Fairley (heart) on reserve/NFI
PHI: WRs coach: Alshon had best offseason in years
CAR: Cam Newton (shoulder) resumes throwing
MIA: Jay Ajayi could push for 1,900 total yards?
PIT: Le'Veon Bell videoed playing basketball
FA: Never mind: Riddick refutes Chiefs rumors
DEN: Paxton Lynch gaining ground on Trevor Siemian
MIA: HC Gase messaged Peyton Manning about return
DET: Lions S Wilson sued for alleged assault of ex
WAS: Jay Gruden gushes about third-year WR Crowder
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LAA:Nolasco lifted after taking comebacker to leg
TEX:Andrus hammers pair of homers in loss to CLE
TEX:Hamels returns from DL to allow seven runs
NYY:Report: Yankees will call up Tyler Wade
NYY:Starlin Castro exited with strained hamstring
SF:Bumgarner (shoulder) pitching at AAA Friday
SF:Eduardo Nunez (hamstring) could return Friday
LA:McCarthy (knee) placed on disabled list
LA:Corey Seager (hamstring) runs in outfield
CIN:Finnegan diagnosed with strained triceps
NYY:Matt Holliday sent for tests due to fatigue
COL:Carlos Gonzalez (shoulder) placed on DL
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/f1/ - Formula 1 General

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>Countdown to Austrian GP:

>Session times in your time:

>/f1/ Fantasy League:
League Passcode: 9637387

>Usually reliable F1 Acestream:

>Season standings:
1. Sebastian Vettel 153 points
2. Lewis Hamilton 139 points
3. Valtteri Bottas 111 points
4. Daniel Ricciardo 92 points
5. Kimi Räikkönen 73 points

Bernie says Hamilton tried to create an accident by brake checking Vettel
Bernie still based
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/heem/: Shevchenko Edition

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Next event:
July 8 - UFC 213
Nunes vs. Shevchenko
Yoel Romero vs. Robert Whittaker
Robbie Lawler vs. Donald Cerrone
Fabricio Werdum vs. Alistair Overeem
Anthony Pettis vs. Jim Miller

Last thread: >>76787591

Shevchenko vs. Holly
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/nba/ - Westgod MVP Edition

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Westbrook won MVP and /nba/ rejoiced!

/ourguy/ is eternal

Brodies bless
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