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Is this madman actually going to do it?
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/Copa do Brasil/

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Flamengo x Botafogo

Cruzeiro x Gremio

>>77774157 Serie A thread. hue is right, league is over now.
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/nba/ General: LeSlip EDITION

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>For you people who want to know if X player is better than Y player http://www.landofbasketball.com/player_comparison.htm
>For you people who want to make daydream trades
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/copalib/ - Copa Libertadores & Sudamericana

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Asado de Cuis. Uma delicia edition

> Copa Sudamericana Ro16 keys
Racing (ARG) - Corinthians (BRA)
Libertad (PAR) - Santa Fe (COL)
Nacional (PAR) - Estudiantes (ARG)
Atl. Tucuman (ARG) - Independiente (ARG)
Cerro Porteño (PAR) - Junior (COL)
Sport Recife (BRA) - Ponte Preta (BRA)
Chapecoense (BRA) - Flamengo (BRA)
Fluminense (BRA) - Liga de Quito (ECU)

> Copa Libertadores Quarter finals
River Plate (ARG) - Jorge (BOL)
Lanús (ARG) - San Lorenzo (ARG)
Barcelona (ECU) - Santos (BRA)
Botafogo (BRA) - Grêmio (BRA)
- first leg starts in three weeks
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The weakest chess champion?

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Now, I don't know if chess is considered a sport, but some might argue that competitive chess at the level I am referring to is - so mods, please remove if necessary.

Having researched this topic for minutes now, I believe there is only one correct answer: Wilhelm Steinitz was by far the world's weakest champion. Although the standard measures of strength in use today: bench press, clean & jerk, back squat, and deadlift were generally not popular in the last century, factual evidence exists that in 1873 after the Vienna international tournament, Steinitz and Isidor Gunsberk went to a local spa at the invitation of Joseph Blackburne and Henry Bird (both fine British chess players and world-renowned circus strongmen at the time). In fact, unlike today, when chess is associated with quiet intellectuals, skinny pocket-protected nerds with their belts higher than their sternum, chess players in the late 19th century were generally robust athletes, skilled in riding, fencing, strength feats, and goat herding. Gunsberg himself was well known at the time for his ability to explode a hot water bladder by his powerful breath alone, and was featured in several carnival strong-man exhibitions in Europe during the previous summer, and was reputed to have inspired the Great Sandow himself! While Bird, Blackburne, and Gunsberg waited inside the gymnasium for their fellow chess competitor to emerge from the locker room (Bird had to lend Steinitz a one piece gymsuit, Steinitz providing the lack of one as a last-attempt reason why he could not join them for an athletic tonic at the spa), "Boulder Shoulders" Bird, "Black the Mack Truck" Blackburne, and "Dizzy Izzy" Gunsberg took turns at impressing the others by bending steel bars, doing back-flips while holding dumbbells, and flinging 35 pound kettle-bells into the air and catching them. Working up a healthy sweat, they still waited more than an hour before Wilhelm came out. (part 1 of 3, character count)
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/mlb/ general - WILD CARD edition

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CHC: Bryant (hand) out of Cubs' lineup Wednesday
SEA: Mariners activate David Phelps (elbow) off DL
OAK: Semien (wrist) back in A's lineup Wednesday
MIA: Wei-Yin Chen (elbow) cleared for rehab starts
NYM: Wright (shoulder) goes 0-for-4 in rehab debut
MIN: Kyle Gibson dominates in win over White Sox
SD: Yangervis Solarte homers, drives in six runs
BOS: Doug Fister tosses one-hitter in Cleveland
BOS: Eduardo Nunez homers, drives in five Tuesday
KC: Royals' Herrera feeling tightness in forearm
ATL: Lucas Sims shuts out Mariners over six frames
BOS: Jackie Bradley to undergo MRI on left thumb
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/box/ - we wuz Cubans an sheeeit edition

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>Friday August 25 - FS1 US
Sergiy Derevyanchenko vs Tureano Johnson

>Saturday August 26 - HBO US Boxnation UK
Miguel Cotto vs Yoshihiro Kamegai
Rey Vargas vs Ronny Rios

>Saturday August 26 - Showtime PPV FOX US Sky Sports Box Office UK
Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor
Badou Jack vs Nathan Cleverly
Gervonta Davis vs Francisco Fonseca
Andrew Tabiti vs Steve Cunningham
Yordenis Ugas vs Thomas Dulorme

>Friday September 8 - Showtime US
David Benavidez vs Ronald Gavril

>Saturday September 9 - HBO US Sky Sports UK
Srisaket Sor Rungvisai vs Roman Gonzalez
Juan Francisco Estrada vs Carlos Cuadras
Naoya Inoue vs Antonio Nieves

>Saturday September 9
Oleksandr Usyk vs Marco Huck

>Saturday September 16
Callum Smith vs Erik Skoglund
David Price vs Raphael Zumbano Love

>Saturday September 16 - BT Sport UK
Billy Joe Saunders vs Willie Monroe Jr
Anthony Yarde vs Ryan Ford

>Saturday September 16 - HBO PPV
Gennady Golovkin vs Canelo Alvarez
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/rug/ - Fuck French Ref's Edition

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Rugby Championship is upon us

Upcoming Fixtures

Saturday 26th August:
New Zealand vs Australia 7:35pm

Sunday 27th August:
Argentina vs South Africa 7:30am

I am NOT doing Mitre Cup fixtures, I have already quoted all kickoffs as what they are in New Zealand.

Talk about rugby, you fucks
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Why does this image trigger you? This is what MLK died for.
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