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5 years ago Dele Alli was the most exciting prospect in Europe, he was destined for great things. Fast forward to today and he's completely finished at just the age of 25, what the FUCK happened?
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How does /sp/ feel about Manny Pacquiao running for president of the Phillippines?
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fine wines edition

btw the footy is on this week fuck yeah
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/cyc/ - general

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Top Ganna edition

current and upcoming races:
20.09 - 26.09 Le Tour de Bretagne Cycliste 2.2
20.09 World Championships WE - ITT WC WE
20.09 World Championships U23 - ITT WC MU
21.09 Grand Prix de Denain - Porte du Hainaut 1.Pro
21.09 World Championships MJ - ITT WC MJ
21.09 World Championships WJ - ITT WC WJ
22.09 World Championships - Mixed Relay TTT
23.09 Omloop van het Houtland Middelkerke-Lichtervelde 1.1
24.09 World Championships U23 - Road Race WC MU
24.09 World Championships MJ - Road Race WC MJ
25.09 World Championships WE - Road Race WC WE
25.09 World Championships WJ - Road Race WC WJ
26.09 Dorpenomloop Rucphen 1.2
26.09 Classique Paris-Chauny 1.1
26.09 World Championships - Road Race WC

Races info:

Free streams:

Previous thread:
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>no primetime NFL gamethreads until tomorrow
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I am just now getting into basketball and soccer. What are the best resources for each as a beginner to get into them? It feels sort of overwhelming since there's so much out there.
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/mlb/ general - BROSHIP edition

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NYM: Jeff McNeil blasts go-ahead homer to beat Phillies
LAA: Shohei Ohtani strikes out 10 against Athletics
ATL: Eddie Rosario hits for the cycle in victory Sunday
ATL: Max Fried hurls seven shutout innings vs. Giants
CHC: Wisdom swats three-run homer in win over Brewers
CWS: Grandal homers again as White Sox defeat Rangers
STL: O'Neill scores thrice, Cardinals sweep Padres
HOU: McCormick hits go-ahead homer in eighth vs. ARI
SEA: Kelenic homers, doubles twice in rout of Royals
LAD: Gavin Lux tallies three hits, homers vs. Reds
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/seriea/ - It's all ogre edition

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>Friday 17th September
20:45 Sassuolo 0-1 Torino

>Saturday 18th September
15:00 Genoa 1-2 La Viola
18:00 Inter 6-1 Bologna
20:45 Salernitana 0-1 Atalanta

>Sunday 19th September
12:30 Empoli 0-3 Sampdoria
15:00 Venezia 1-2 Spezia
18:00 Verona 3-2 Roma
18:00 Lazio 2-2 Cagliari
20:45 Juventus 1-1 Milan

>Monday 20th September
20:45 Udinese ?-? Napoli

Remember to PLEASE take your meds, not post if you're from a third world country, keep it comfy, crusty and smelly.
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Is he a franchise QB or do the Giants need to draft someone else?
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