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Eternal /arse/nal thread

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Wonga get the fuck out edition

Today we're playing some no-name and we're going to get rekt probably
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Who can stop us?
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/nba/ General: MC RIDE EDITION

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Motor/sp/ort general-place holder edition

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This week the Cup, Xfinity, and ARCA series are in Kansas, and the trucks are off.
F1 is in Austin, Texas.
Supercars are running another endurance race at Surfers Paradise, Queensland.
MotoGP is in Australia at Phillip Island.

For information about other events and specific timelines see the link provided below.

Fri 20 Oct:
>2030EST ARCA Kansas 150
Sat 21 Oct:
>1500EST Xfinity series Kansas Lottery 300 NBC
Sun 22 Oct:
>1500EST Cup series Hollywood Casino 400 NBCSN
>1500EST F1 United States Grand Prix NBC
>MotoGP *
>Supercars *
>* Australian time. See link below for further details.

Link to other events and times: https://www.motorsport.com/all/schedule/
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/heem/: Favorite Fighter Edition

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/fifa/ general

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Sweating intensifies edition

>>78986558 old
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/NFL/ General: TNF tonight edition

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TB:Winston did everything but throw Wednesday
DEN:Jamaal Charles to 'get more and more touches'
DAL:Report: Zeke, NFL have discussed settlement
GB:Aaron Jones could retake backfield in Week 7
IND:Andrew Luck (shoulder) to miss entire season?
NE:Chris Hogan (ribs) limited to start the week
TEN:Marcus Mariota (hamstring) practices in full
TEN:DeMarco Murray sits out Wednesday's practice
IND:Luck has setback and won't practice this week
NYJ:Robby Anderson (ankle) absent on Wednesday
NYJ:Bilal Powell still not cleared to practice
CAR:Kelvin Benjamin (knee) lands on injury report
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How do we save this dying sport?
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Remember to post scoring type and matchups when discussing sit/start and trades!

No advice allowed for 4-team leagues :^)

Cont. from >>78983406
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