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Australia 173 (20 ov)
Sri Lanka 42/5 (5.2/20 ov)

South Africa beat NZ by 4 wickets (with 1 ball remaining)
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/nba/ - Let's Make A Deal Edition

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NY:ESPN: Wolves inquire about Derrick Rose
LAC:BOS not expected to trade for Blake Griffin
NY:Clippers still hoping to land Carmelo Anthony
UTA:Jazz exploring the market for Derrick Favors?
LAK:ESPN: Wizards interested in Lou Williams
PHO:P.J. Tucker the 'most likely' to be moved?
CHI:Jimmy Butler feels he'll remain in Chicago
NO:DeMarcus Cousins deal finalized on Monday
DEN:Rockets interested in Wilson Chandler?
SAC:Darren Collison and McLemore are available?
OKC:All-Star Russell Westbrook scores 41 points
NO:Report: Buddy Hield available in trade talks
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/box/ - Broner vs. Granados Official Fight Thread

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From the Cintas Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA (9PM EST, 2AM GMT).

Live on Showtime (USA) BoxNation (UK), and being streamed for free on Twitter online (via Showtime).

The Card:
>Adrien Broner (32-2) vs. Adrien Granados (18-4-2)
>David Avanesyan (22-1-1) vs. Lamont Peterson (34-3-1) (for the vacant WBA Regular Welterweight Title)
>Marucs Browne (18-0) vs. Thomas Williams Jr (20-2)

Twitter stream here (Proxy needed for non US/Canada residents): https://twitter.com/i/live/828737836316717057
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>Anon, run across the middle.

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What do?
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Who was in the wrong here?
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Joe Mixon

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Is it just me or does it seem like Joe Mixon's situation is fucked? Hear me out on this:

I'm not a CFB fan. I keep reading this kid's story and while it is obviously an egregious thing to sucker-punch a girl, the storyline surrounding it is crucifying him based on a mistake he made and subsequently was punished for. We don't know what the argument was about or why he hit her. Additionally she did "hit" first but he reciprocated in an inappropriate way.

I'm not saying he shouldn't be punished (he already was anyway) but I am curious why people want him hung on a cross to repent.

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/epl + efl/

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Let's get all the non-league and league in here together
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/f1/ - Formula One General - Launch Week Edition

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Countdown to Aus

Already shown
>Williams FW40, Online preview
>Sauber C36, Online

Car Launch Dates
>Feb 21: Renault RS17, London
>Feb 22: Force India VJM10, Silverstone
>Feb 23: Mercedes W08, Silverstone
>Feb 24: Ferrari, Fiorano
>Feb 24: McLaren MCL32, Woking
>Feb 26: Red Bull RB13, Online
>Feb 26: Toro Rosso STR12, Barcelona
>Feb 26: Haas VF17, Online

2017 Winter Test Schedule
>27/02 - 02/03: Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona
>07/03 - 10/03: Circuit de Catalunya, Barcelona

Winter Stream

>New cars looks great
>Gio the Nazi to replace Princess in tests and hopefully Australia
>Bottas gaining psychological advantage
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Do you think there's a chance for barça?
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