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>you have 10 seconds to prove you are NOT a bandwagoner
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BALLGAME edition.

Today's ballgames:
Celtics defeat Wizards, lead series 1-0.
Jazz defeat Clippers, win series 4-3.

Tomorrow's ballgames (all times PST):
Raptors @ Cavaliers Game 1, 4:00
Rockets @ Spurs Game 1, 6:30
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Barcelona and Stuttgart finals
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/heem/ Pearl Gonzalez Edition

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/F1/ - Formula 1 General - Russian GP Post-Race Thread

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Valtteri Bottas wins the Russian GP, in a race with literally ZERO overtakes, well done Sotchi

>Countdown to Spain GP:

>Session times in your time:

>/f1/ Fantasy League:
League Passcode: 9637387

>Season standings:
1. Sebastian Vettel 86 points
2. Lewis Hamilton 73 points
3. Valtteri Bottas 63 points
4. Kimi Räikkönen 49 points
5. Max Verstappen 35 points

Hamilton EXPOSED
Massa ruining the only semi-exciting thing in this race
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/seriea/: Roma vs Lazio matchthread

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ROMA (4-2-3-1) Szczesny; Rüdiger, Manolas, Fazio, Emerson Palmieri; De Rossi, Strootman; Salah, Nainggolan, El Shaarawy; Dzeko.
>subs: Alisson, Lobont, Juan Jesus, Vermaelen, Mario Rui, Bruno Peres, Paredes, Grenier, Gerson, Perotti, Totti. All. Luciano Spalletti

LAZIO (3-5-2): Strakosha; Bastos, de Vrij, Wallace; Basta, Parolo, Biglia, Milinkovic, Lulic; Immobile, Keita.
>subs: Vargic, Adamonis, Patric, Hoedt, Radu, Lukaku, Murgia, Crecco, Luis Alberto, Felipe Anderson, Lombardi, Djordjevic. All. Simone Inzaghi

which will prevail, Roma choking powers whenever they can close down on Juve or Lazio choking powers in league derbies?
get in here and find out
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>there are ""people"" on this board, right now, that don't recognise Dani Alves as the greatest fullback of all time
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>implying people still play this shit and aren't just here to shitpost
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>complain to employer you dont want to coach during a rebuilding phase
>move to the west to avoid lebron and company

>coach la's non existing team
>complain about other la team championship banners
>hide said championship banners with selfies

>temper with center superstar and force him to stay in la and spit on dallas contract

>get booty blasted by a northern california team when your own team was to win it all

>become team gm because you dont trust other gms

>acquire shit talent

>lose to a team that hasnt been in the playoffs for about 10 years

doc is overrated
any other overrated coaches