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Packers @ Bears Gamethread #1

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Green Bay @ Chicago

Time for a fun NFC North game
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GOTW: Boys vs Colts

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Boys win - NFC East clinched
Colts win - 1 spot to wildcard (still can take division)
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Falcons @ Cardinals Gamethread

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Red Birds Edition
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Raiders vs Bengals

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Make a thread you fucks edition

Bengals lead 14-0 in the 2nd
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Eternal Arsenal Thread

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Starts at 7:00pm on BBC One. Something to watch before Match of the Day 2 tonight.

>A sensational year of sport is celebrated in style as Gabby Logan, Clare Balding and Gary Lineker present BBC Sports Personality of the Year, live from Birmingham.

>In front of a 12,000-strong crowd, including 1,000 sporting greats, the event, now in its 65th year, reviews 2018's magical moments and rewards some of its standout achievers. And, for the first time, the contenders for the main BBC Sports Personality of the Year award are revealed at the start of the show, with the winner decided by a public vote later in the programme.

>The night is full of inspiration, emotion, surprises, musical performances, powerful films, interviews and celebration. The winners for the Team, Coach, Unsung Hero, Helen Rollason and Lifetime Achievement awards are revealed alongside the recipient of a new award for best sporting moment.
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/cric/ - the leads EXTENDING edition

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Late night session
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Day 4 of the PDC World Darts Championship from Alexandra Palace is the first day without a former champion in the field. But its star attraction is a former world finalist in World #3 and prize clown Peter Wright.

The afternoon session starts with giant German Gabriel Clemens, who has impressed massively in his first year on the PDC circuit, against Nottingham's Aden Kirk, best remembered for knocking out Phil Taylor and Wright back-to-back in the 2014 UK Open. It all goes a bit green for the next two games with Irish interest in both. First up is the Republic's #2 player William O'Connor against Dutch qualifier Yordi Meeuwisse; the Magpie will be very thankful he's not playing in front of a hostile crowd unlike in Dortmund where he lost his head. The second Emerald Isle interest is the painfully dull Northern Ireland #2 Brendan Dolan against China's Yuanjun Liu. Closing the afternoon is round 2 and dim Dave Chisnall, who went out at the first hurdle last year, against muscleboy Josh Payne, who had to fight to get past Jeff Smith yesterday.

The evening session begins with youth in 23 year old Luke Humphries and 25 year old Adam Hunt; Cool Hand Luke got through the Pro Tour this year as well as topping the Development Tour Order of Merit for the second successive year, whereas the Hunter made it via the PDPA Qualifier. Speaking of the Pro Tour, utter idiot Matthew Edgar made it through there thanks to Corey Cadby's "broken arm" and he gets dangerous Lithuanian Darius Labanauskas, a 4-time BDO World Championship competitor, for his luck. Then, the Asian legend that is 64 year old Paul Lim makes another appearance at Ally Pally against Ross Smith, who's back again for the first time in 5 years. Snakebite then ends the evening's play against Spain's Toni Alcinas, who will certainly be put under far more pressure than what the unfortunate Craig Ross delivered against him yesterday evening.

Coverage starts at 12:30pm UK time on Sky Sports Darts (SS Arena).
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