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/heem/: jacare souza edition

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Upcoming events:

1/27: Bellator 171 - Guillard vs Njokuani
1/28: EFN 58 - Machev vs Brandao
1/28: UFC on Fox 23 - Pena vs Shevchenko
1/29: Submission Underground 3 - Danis vs Agazarm
2/4: UFC FN 104 - Bermudez vs Jung
2/11: UFC 208 - Holm vs De Randamie
2/18: Bellator 172 - Mitrione vs Emelianenko
2/19: UFC FN 105 - Hendricks vs Lombard
2/25: WSOF 35 - Ivanov vs Jordan
3/4: UFC 209 - Woodley vs Thompson 2
3/11: UFC FN 106 - Gastelum vs Belfort
3/11: ACB 53 - Khalidov vs Barnatt
3/18: UFC FN 108 - TBA

Previous thread: >>73847282


>Gastelum bothered by doubts that he can make weight, but admits that it's his fault

>Thompson on how he got through the 4th round against Woodley

>Formiga fighting Borg

>El Poopooey calls Conor out for never defending a title in his career
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/nfl/ general - SUPERB OWLLI edition

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PIT: Groin injury limits Bell to 11 snaps in AFCCG
PIT: Big Ben throws for 314 yds as Steelers fall short
NE: Edelman erupts as Pats advance to Super Bowl
NE: Hogan pulls out all the stops in win over PIT
NE: Brady dominates, heads to seventh Super Bowl
ATL: Hobbled Julio Jones scorches Pack for 9/180/2
GB: Rodgers' amazing run ends in NFCCG blowout
ATL: Matt Ryan slays Pack, Falcons headed to SB51
NE: Michael Floyd mothballed for AFC title game
PIT: Ladarius Green inactive for AFCCG vs. Pats
NE: Malcolm Mitchell active for AFC title tilt
FA: Glazer: ATL could replace Shanahan with Chip
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>only scored once in the Euro knockouts and mussed the final
>disappeard for the semi and finals of CL
Why did he get the Ballon Door again?
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Daily reminder that you faggots had to cheat yet again to get to the owl.

Daily reminder that we still have six rings and you don't.
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/mlb/ general - M's edition

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KC: Yordano Ventura dies in car accident in D.R.
TEX: Darvish and Rangers have had extension talks
LAA: Report: Tim Lincecum has no plans to retire
MIN: Braves have deal in place with Kurt Suzuki
TEX: Rangers sign James Loney to minor league deal
SD: Padres sign Trevor Cahill to one-year deal
MIA: Miami considering Chris Carter, Mark Reynolds
BAL: Orioles announce three-year deal with Trumbo
TEX: Tyson Ross (TOS) not expected until May/June
HOU: Report: Angels to sign INF Luis Valbuena
SF: Former All-Star pitcher Josh Johnson retires
CLE: Rangers still interested in FA Mike Napoli
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New tennis thread?
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/sp/ Reaction pics
Bonus points for Doc Rivers
All I have is Belgium for some reason
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Eternal /trb/

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Previous thread: >>73779458

Useful /trb/ related links:

Macca's official /trb/ database:
2015: http://pastebin.com/uj27eQhe
2016: http://pastebin.com/7e3Vv0ap
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>It's a both teams in the Owl are teams we easily beat in the regular season episode

We're the true champions.
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