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4PM - Tigers vs Storm

6PM - Dragons vs Warriors

>Cows, Sharks and Manly won yesterday
>Cleary probably going to be new Tigers coach
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/f1/ Aus GP Race Thread

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Why are Canadians such unathletic fat fucks? Can't even catch a baseball sad
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/afl/ Sunday

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North Melbourne Kangaroos vs West Coast Eagles @ Docklands; 13:10 AEDT

Adelaide Crows vs Greater Western Sydney Giants @ Adelaide Oval; 14:50 ACDT

Fremantle Dockers vs Geelong Cats @ Subiaco Oval; 16:40 AWST
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Basketball and stuff.

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Koshien Thread - Crying Player Edition

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5th Day is happening now, 3 matches today

>High School second biggest tournament in japan, losers sometimes cry of shame

http://live.qq.com/10000402 (Chinese one, maybe won't gonna work where you lives)

Extra links:

NHK G Stream (less lag but they cut the game a lot for NHK E that dont have stream)

Schedule: http://www.nhk.or.jp/koushien/

Bracket: http://www.nhk.or.jp/koushien/tournament/

Please someone find a NHK E link
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Previous >>74876278

Upcoming events:

3/31: EFN 62 - Pavlovich vs Sidelnikov
3/31: Bellator 175 - Rampage vs King Mo 2
4/8 : UFC 210 - Cormier vs Johnson 2
4/8 : Bellator 176 - TBA
4/14: Bellator 177 - Dantas vs Caldwell
4/15: UFC on Fox 24 - Johnson vs Reis
4/16: RIZIN 2017 IN YOKOHAMA - Horchiguchi vs Motoya
4/21: Bellator 178 - Straus vs Pitbull 4
4/22: UFC Fight Night 108 - Swanson vs Lobov
4/29: Glory 40 - Wilnis vs Marcus
5/13: UFC 211 - Miocic vs Dos Santos 2
5/19: Bellator 179 - Daley vs MacDonald


>Fabricio Werdum on Luke Rockhold's callout: 'Why would I fight a chicken?

>Kelvin Gastelum ‘thinking about getting the 170 belt’ despite 185 success

>Roofoosporte sued

>Artem Lobov is disgusted with UFC pussies who pad their records

>/mma/ general edition

>Cris Cyborg vacates Invicta featherweight title
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Undefeated edition
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/nba/ general

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**OFFICIAL**- /nba/ general
>"dont worry if you miss this post, ill be posting it all off-season edition"
>"no euros-weebs-boreball-football-"socer", homosexual for a star players anons allowed"
sub edition

NBA Headlines:
CLE:LeBron James (eye) could be a game-time call
UTA:Boris Diaw getting the start vs. Clippers
SA:Danny Green (rest) will not play vs. Knicks
HOU:Ryan Anderson (ankle) ruled out for Sunday
NY:Anthony & Rose questionable for Saturday
CLE:LeBron James (eye) uncertain for Saturday
GS:Stephen Curry scores 27 with 12 dimes in win
GS:Draymond Green scores season-high 23 points
SAC:Buddy Hield drops best line of career
HOU:James Harden scores 38 points with 17 dimes
PHI:Dario Saric scores career-high 32 points
MIN:Ricky Rubio scores 19 points w/ 15 assists

Saturday's Games:
Jazz-41 Halftime-Clippers-49
Wizards-4:30 PM-Cavaliers
Raptors-5:30 PM-Mavericks
Knicks-5:30 PM-Spurs
Timberwolves-7:00 PM-TrailBlazers
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/mlb/ general - JD Martinez ded Edition

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DET:J.D. Martinez diagnosed with Lisfranc sprain
MIA:Marlins name Volquez Opening Day starter
WAS:Derek Norris to sign one-year deal with Rays
SF:Will Smith to undergo Tommy John surgery
SEA:Jarrod Dyson (legs) remains out of action
CWS:Jose Quintana to start opener for White Sox
OAK:Khris Davis is nursing minor quad injury
TOR:Estrada expected to start Opening Day for TOR
LA:Adrian Gonzalez (elbow) back in lineup Friday
CWS:Carlos Rodon to undergo MRI on tight biceps
STL:Cardinals expected to go with Peralta at 3B
HOU:McHugh (arm) unlikely to be ready by opener
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