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Nose Shit Only
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/f1/ - Relentless Formula One General - Love from Kazakhstan Edition

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>Countdown to Day of the Rake GP:

>Previous thread:

>Thread theme:

>/f1/ Essentials:

>Nico Hülkenberg F1 Grands Prix without EVER scoring a podium:
191 (188 starts)

>Lewis Hamilton Grands Prix since last win:

>Fernando Alonso Grands Prix since last win:

>2023 WDC Standings:
VER: 170 (+26)
PER: 117 (+12)
ALO: 99 (+6)
HAM: 87 (+18)
RUS: 65 (+15)

>2023 WCC Standings:
Red Bull: 287 (+38)
Mercedes: 152 (+33)
Aston Martin: 134 (+14)
Ferrari: 100 (+10)
Alpine: 40 (+5)

>2023 WEC Standings:
DEV: 373.46 (+44.24)
SAI: 340.90 (+36.06)
HAM: 339.8 (+15.61)

Francorchamps will alternate with Zandvoort from 2024
Ferrari pole at Le Mans
Leclerc raises over €350,000 for Imola with auction of Monaco Ferrari gear
Audi interested in Alonso for 2026
Mick Schumacher completes Barcelona testing, could replace Hamilton (kek)
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metropolitanos x ind. medellin (19:00)
flamengo x racing (21:00)
olimpia x a.nal (21:00)
danubio x huracan (19:00)
oriente petrolero x tacuary (19:00)
são paulo x tolima (19:00)
goiás x gimnasia (19:00)
san lorenzo x PALESTINO (21:00)
vallejo x magallanes (23:00)
ind. santa fé x universitario (23:00)
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/nba/ general- Zion take notes edition

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MIA: Tyler Herro (hand) remains sidelined for Game 4

Finals game 4 today.
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/mlb/ - Contact Hitting Edition

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CWS: Eloy Jiménez day-to-day with lower left leg injury
NYY: Randy Vásquez goes 5 2/3 scoreless vs. White Sox
CLE: José Ramírez pounds three homers against Red Sox
TOR: Jordan Romano gets 17th save Thursday vs. Astros
PHI: Zack Wheeler carries no-hit bid into eighth inning
TOR: X-rays negative on Kevin Kiermaier's left wrist
HOU: Yordan Alvarez exits Thursday with oblique injury
CWS: Luis Robert Jr. hits career-high 14th homer in win
CWS: Jake Burger wallops two-run homer against Yankees
BOS: Adam Duvall (wrist) ready to return on Friday
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VGK 2 - 2 FLA OT soon
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/afl/ - Friday night footy

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Footy tonight

Western Bulldogs vs Port Adelaide
7:50pm AEST
Docklands stadium
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At their respective peaks, who was better?
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