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UFC San Diego Event Thread #3

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Main Card:
Marlon Vera vs. Dominick Cruz - 135 lbs
David Onama vs. Nate Landwehr - 145 lbs
Yazmin Jauregui vs. Iasmin Lucindo - 115 lbs
Devin Clark vs. Azamat Murzakanov - 205 lbs
Ariane Lipski vs. P. Cachoeira - 135 lbs
G. Meerschaert vs. Bruno Silva - 185 lbs

Angela Hill vs. Maria Lupita Guadalupe 'Loopy' Godinez-Gonzalez - 120 lbs
Ɓukasz Brzeski vs. Martin Buday - 265 lbs
Nina Nunes vs. Cynthia Calvillo - 125 lbs
Gabriel Benítez def Charlie Ontiveros via KO/TKO, 3:35 R1
Tyson Nam def Ode Osbourne via KO/TKO, 2:59 R1
Josh Quinlan def Jason Witt via KO/TKO, 2:09 R1
Youssef Zalal vs. Da'Mon Blackshear - Ends in a Draw


Thread #1: >>122724977
Thread #2: >>122727373
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I don't think the wife's gonna make it

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What the fuck is his problem, /sp/?
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/mlb/ general

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It's O's time edition
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Predict the score next week
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/seriea/ & /calciomercato/ - The Fix Is In edition

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Taking ourselves in round: #1378

>Saturday, 13th August
18:30 Milan 3-2 Udinese LIVE
18:30 Sampdoria 0-1 Atalanta LIVE
20:45 Lecce - Inter
20:45 Monza - Torino

>Sunday, 14th August
18:30 Fiorentina - Cremonese
18:30 Lazio - Bologna
20:45 Salernitana - Roma
20:45 Spezia - Empoli

>Monday, 15th August
18:30 Hellas Verona - Napoli
20:45 Juventus - Sassuolo

Bbilan "won" Serie A*
Printer """"won"""" Coppa Italia
Riomma won Comfyrence League™

De Ligt aims dig at Allegri but ‘respects’ Juventus
Simeone has Napoli medical
Napoli agree Ndombele loan deal with Tottenham
Juventus’ Pellegrini joins Eintracht Frankfurt on loan
Manchester United to hold new Rabiot talks next week

The new Fantacomfy season is here!
>League name: Fantacomfy
>Password: miriam

>What is Fantacomfy
It's the yearly /seriea/ Fantasy Football league, hosted on leghe.fantacalcio.it. The site is in italian but the game is completely free and has decent privacy settings.
>How do I join?
Have you ever created a team for previous Fantacomfy seasons? Then you're already in the competition, so you can just log in and start building your team! If you're new just sign up on leghe.fantacalcio.it, click on the blue "Unisciti a una lega" button, and look for Fantacomfy. The password as always is: miriam

Reminder to keep it comfy, take your meds, brace for a disappointing /mercato/, eat pusy 3 times a day, drink your delusionfuel and flirt with the cute cashier
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