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Thoughts on Corinthians new jersey?
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/cfb/ general - BIG WEEK 6 edition

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BAMA: Saban: Young's status to be determined Saturday
UT: Sources: Horns' Ewers to return vs. rival Sooners
TAMU: Sources: A&M's Johnson has broken bone in hand
CLEM: Clemson's Davis II, Greene sued over '21 collision
WVU: RB Donaldson to miss Baylor game
KU: Leipold 'happy' at KU as Wisconsin rumors swirl
OSU: Henderson expected back for MSU game
OSU: Ohio State 'hoping' for key returns vs. Michigan State
COL: Colorado fires Karl Dorrell after miserable 0-5 start
NCAA: USC, Kentucky Among Teams on Upset Watch This Week
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/copalib/ - quilmbo edition

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holy fuck this dude is an actual Narcissist. Who the fuck tattoos that?
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Why did Town sign another winger when they already have Foden/Grealish?
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/mlb/ general - PREDICTIONS edition

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STL: Helsley has no pain in side session, makes roster
NYM: Mets may not start deGrom in Game 2 against Padres
SD: Snell will start Game 2 of WC Series against Mets
NYM: Marte's placement on WC roster 'to be determined'
NYY: Boone to decide Game 1 starter over next 24 hours
STL: Report: Gorman expected to be on Wild Card roster
NYY: Boone expects Carpenter (foot) to make ALDS roster
CIN: David Bell will return as manager for Reds in 2023
SEA: Luis Castillo starting WCS Gm 1 versus Blue Jays
KC: Grifol, Wilson internal candidates for KC manager
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Live, laugh love edition
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/nba/ - Silver Surfer Edition

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Hawks beat Busks in preseason game. Dejounte Murray still is a cock muncher.
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