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/tugão/ - Chalana edition

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>2022/23 SEASON, 1st ROUND
Benfica【4 - 0】Arouca
Rio Ave【0 - 1】 Vizela
Estoril【2 - 0】 Famalicão
Porto【5 -1】 Marítimo
Santa Clara【0 - 0】Casa PIa
Braga【3 - 3】Sporting
Chaves【0 - 1】Vitória Guimarães
Portimonense【0 - 1】Boavista
Gil Vicente【1 - 0】Paços de Ferreira

>CL Qualification
Benfica【4 - 1】Midtjylland
Midtjylland【1 - 3】Benfica

Dynamo Kyiv【17/8 - 20:00】Benfica
Benfica【23/8 - 20:00】Dynamo Kyiv

>ECL Qualification
Hajduk Split【3 - 1】Vitória Guimarães
Vitória Guimarães【1 - 0】Hajduk Split

Riga【1 - 1】Gil Vicente
Gil Vicente【11/09 - 20:00】Riga

>2022/23 SEASON, 2nd ROUND

Famalicao【12/8 - 20:15】Braga
Casa Pia【13/8 - 18:00】Benfica
Sporting【13/8 - 20:30】Rio Ave
Boavista【14/8 - 15:30】Santa Clara
Vizela【14/8 - 18:00】Porto
Vitoria Guimarães【14/8 - 20:30】Estoril
Maritimo【15/8 - 15:30】Chaves
Arouca【15/8 - 18:00】Gil Vicente
Pacos Ferreira【15/8 - 20:30】Portimonense

Sports papers by swissanon:

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this man prefers to try to pass 3 rivals instead of passing to Messi

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he cant understand he hasnt no dribble and constantly try to pass multiple rivals instead of pass the ball to unmarked messi at 5 meters

locker room cancer
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>i made a huge mistake
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No refunds.
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/nfl/ general - SKILLS edition

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IND: HC: 'Almost don't want' JT to lead NFL in touches
BAL: Lamar wants extension done by start of season
NYJ: Zach Wilson (knee) expected to miss 2-4 weeks
CAR: Mayfield starts preseason opener for Panthers
SF: 49ers RB Elijah Mitchell likely out for preseason
ATL: Ridder throws 2 TDs, shines in preseason debut
ATL: London sidelined with knee injury on opening drive
CLE: NFL expects at least 12-game suspension for Watson
NE: Pierre Strong listed among 'fallers' for Patriots
PHI: Miles Sanders 'fighting the ball' as pass-catcher
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18th december, WC final, ARG vs POR you turn on the TV and see this

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what do you do?
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Eternal derby of Croatian football in 20 minutes.
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/copalib/ - saturday /vela/ edition

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Today's matches GMT-3:

DyJ - Tiger-
Rosario - Cheque Tapia FC
L'Anus - Bojo
RiBer - Ñuls

Little Ball League
Santa Cruz - Bolivar
Strongest - Palmaflor
Guabira - Ind Petrolero

GO - Avai
Timao - Nao tem mundial
Cuiaba - Juventude
Spitfire - A.GO

ItaliANO - Everton
Curico - La uwu
La Calera - Antofagasta

Cortulua - Petrolera
Santa Fe - Tolimita
Burrior - Ind. Medellin

Ind. del Valle - Gualaceo
9/12 - Aucas
Barça - U. Catolica

Asuncion - Sol de America
Guairena - 12/10

Sportin - Carlos Stein
Mannucci - U. San Martin
Ayacucho - Tarma
U. de Deportes - Binacional

Dinho League
Rentistas - Danubio
Penadoy - Albion

La Guaira - Caracas
Puerto Cabello - Mineros

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