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What do they do?
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this image speaks volumes
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/copalib/ - saturday /vela/ edition

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Today's matches GMT-3:

DyJ - Tiger-
Rosario - Cheque Tapia FC
L'Anus - Bojo
RiBer - Ñuls

Little Ball League
Santa Cruz - Bolivar
Strongest - Palmaflor
Guabira - Ind Petrolero

GO - Avai
Timao - Nao tem mundial
Cuiaba - Juventude
Spitfire - A.GO

ItaliANO - Everton
Curico - La uwu
La Calera - Antofagasta

Cortulua - Petrolera
Santa Fe - Tolimita
Burrior - Ind. Medellin

Ind. del Valle - Gualaceo
9/12 - Aucas
Barça - U. Catolica

Asuncion - Sol de America
Guairena - 12/10

Sportin - Carlos Stein
Mannucci - U. San Martin
Ayacucho - Tarma
U. de Deportes - Binacional

Dinho League
Rentistas - Danubio
Penadoy - Albion

La Guaira - Caracas
Puerto Cabello - Mineros

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/trans/ + /epl/

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>Saturday's results
Aston Villa 2-1 Everton
Arsenal 4-2 Leicester City
Brighton & Hove Albion 0-0 Newcastle United
Manchester City 4-0 AFC Bournemouth
Southampton 2-2 Leeds United
Wolverhampton Wanderers 0-0 Fulham
Brentford 4-0 Manchester United

>Sunday's games
Nottingham Forest v West Ham United (2:00pm)
Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur (4:30pm)

>Monday's game
Liverpool v Crystal Palace (8:00pm)
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Sancho sisters..
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No refunds.
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Are you seriously telling me people were looking that this team and thought this is a good squad, or even just "meh this will do".
Most of those players are still the same shitters that were trash for the last few seasons.
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Why didn’t Ronaldo just take it easy and enjoy life in Italy?

So what if your team comes 4’th or whatever one season. Just eat some pizza, have fun with your frens and family and start from fresh next season

Why autistically jump into a nightmare return to yenited and be trapped there forever in a sinking ship to try and catch up to Messi on ballon d’ors?
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