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They finished 12th
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/volley/ - Volleyball General

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Brazil Edition

International season starting this week
Women's VNL starts next week
Men's VNL starts one week later than Women's VNL
Vakifbank won Women's Champions League
ZAKSA won Men's Champions League
Praia Clube won Women's South American Championship
Europen Golden and Silver Leagues start this weekend
Transfers market window on

>European club volleyball championships
>Turkish club volleyball
>NCAA volleyball
>South American tournaments
>Sorted volleyball stuff
>Chinese and Korean club volleyball
>Olympic women's volleyball

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/147/ - Snooker Q School

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Alri. Leicester welcomes 208 players, all with hopes of a two-year WST tour card. Only 4 will succeed.

>Two tournaments, the first running from May 26-31 and the second from June 1-6. It’s a flat draw and most players will need to win six matches to reach the semi-finals. The four semi-finalists from each of the two events earn a place on the pro circuit for the 2023/24 and 2024/25 seasons. All matches are best of seven frames.

Who’s in it?
>Notables in the field include veteran Tony Knowles, former pros Peter Lines, Alexander Ursenbacher, Alfie Burden, Andrew Higginson, Michael Holt, Gerard Greene, Peter Devlin, Steven Halworth, Louis Heathcote, Barry Pinches, and Robin Hull, up-and-coming talents Liam Davies, Riley Powell, Florian Nüßle, Umut Dikme, and Vladislav Gradinari, and new women’s British Open champion Bai Yulu.


>”If you live in China, you can watch the action online on Migu and Huya.”
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E-sport is now an official sport in Sweden

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The charges, officer?
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>it's not rigged you stupid penaldofa-
Explain. Now.
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Prisons FC welcomes a promising young talent to is academy squad!

>FRANKFURT, Germany (AP) — A 15-year-old soccer player has been hospitalized with life-threatening brain injuries after being struck by an opposing player in a post-match fight during an international youth tournament in Germany.
>A 16-year-old from a French team was jailed pending further investigation by a judge in Frankfurt, where the match against a team from Berlin took place on Sunday.
>Frankfurt police said in a statement Tuesday that a scuffle broke out between players after the final whistle and escalated into punches being thrown.
>The victim was struck in the head or neck area and collapsed, police said. He was treated by emergency medical personnel at the scene and taken to a hospital.
>Police are asking witnesses who may have video of the incident to contact police.
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8 CL
10 ballon d or (thank you Florentino)
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