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Sports rules

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What are your most hated and also most adored sport rules?
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On the left is the greatest basketball player of our generation.
On the right is who the media used to claim was the greatest.

Notice anything?
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There's no sport until the fall.
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Redpill me on doping in cycling these days
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Time truly is powerful

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Never imagined seeing this day.
Messi, Zlatan, Ronaldo, Benzema, Bale, Ozil,Ramos, Suarez, Pique, Busquets, Jordi Alba , Aguero, and many others retire is making me emotional and nostalgic
Is this why boomers keep talking about Pele, Maradona, Zico, Eder?
I realised what SOVL i have been missing out. Will maybe watch old football matches of legends to see some more SOVL

My generation of football retired. Feels sad seeing it end
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The final of the FOUR stars, next Sunday.
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/mlb/ - Arrakis edition

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PREVIOUS: >>132450781

PHI: Phillies sign Drew Hutchison to minors contract
HOU: Lance McCullers Jr. set to undergo MRI on Friday
NYM: Pete Alonso (wrist) undergoing additional testing
LAA: Jo Adell making season debut Thursday vs. Cubs
BOS: Report: Alex Verdugo benched on Thursday night
MIN: Jorge Polanco day-to-day with hamstring tightness
CIN: Hunter Greene (hip) on track to start Saturday
SEA: Mariners sign Didi Gregorius to minor league pact
DET: Reese Olson to pitch in relief against Phillies
PHI: Alec Bohm (hamstring) on track to return Saturday
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Is just me or there's a war between americans and árabs to see who gains more influence in european soccer.
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