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The Dolphins will become the 17th NRL team to enter the Telstra Premiership from 2023 after being granted a licence in an historic announcement made by the ARL Commission on Wednesday.

The NRL Telstra Premiership will expand to a 26-round competition as part of the Dolphins' entry with every team continuing to play 24 games in the regular season.

The total number of regular season games will increase from 192 to 204 with teams receiving two byes.

“Today is an exciting moment in the history of our game. The NRL Telstra Premiership will expand to 17 teams in 2023 and on behalf of the Commission I would like to congratulate The Dolphins on being granted the 17th licence,’’ ARLC chairman Peter V'landys said.

“I would also like to acknowledge and thank the other bid teams for the work they put into their submissions. All three bids were of the highest calibre and highlight the strength of rugby league in Queensland.”