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104th Summer Koshien - Opening

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Finnaly Summer is HERE!

>8:30pm et /00:30 UTC/9:30 JST
Opening Cerimony with Teams Parade

>9:30pm et/1:30 UTC/10:30 JST
Opening Game - Game 1
日大三島(静岡)- 国学院栃木 (栃木)
Nihon University Mishima (Shizuoka) - Kokugakuin Tochigi (Tochigi)

>after game 2 (around midnight et/1PM JST)
明豊(大分)- 樹徳(群馬)
Meihō (Ōita) - Itsuki Toku (Gunma)

>After Game 3 (around 2:30am et/3:30 JST)
京都国際(京都)- 一関学院(岩手)
Kyōto Kokusai/International aka Korean bois (Kyōto) - Ichinoseki Gakuin (Iwate)

>Stream links
(whitelist the site on adblock if you have problems to load stream)

NHK G and NHKe on NHK+ (if you manage to surpass thier system after get a VPN)


>What will be game days
17 Days from 10/08 (excluding rainout days and adding a pause day after quarter-finals and semis, but one of those rest days will be dedicated for Woman´s Tournament Final)

>Team list and bracket

>Dafuq is this tournament is about?

https://youtu.be/ojZ6a0mJR9A (hour long doc about the tournament)
https://youtu.be/EGZlablrK20 ;
(in this above video he says that 2 extras spots comes from Osaka and Tokyo, but is Tokyo and Hokkaido)