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/seriea/ & /calciomercato/ - Tough Ultra's edition

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>Thursday, 18th August
21:00 Fiorentina - FC Twente

>Saturday, 20th August
18:30 Torino - Lazio
18:30 Udinese - Salernitana
20:45 Inter - Spezia
20:45 Sassuolo - Lecce

>Sunday, 21st August
18:30 Empoli - Fiorentina
18:30 Napoli - Monza
20:45 Atalanta - Milan
20:45 Bologna - Hellas Verona

>Monday, 22nd August
18:30 Roma - Cremonese
20:45 Sampdoria - Juventus

The new Fantacomfy season is here!
>League name: Fantacomfy
>Password: miriam
You're late but you can still join!

>What is Fantacomfy
It's the yearly /seriea/ Fantasy Football league, hosted on leghe.fantacalcio.it. The site is in italian but the game is completely free and has decent privacy settings.
>How do I join?
Have you ever created a team for previous Fantacomfy seasons? Then you're already in the competition, so you can just log in and start building your team! If you're new just sign up on leghe.fantacalcio.it, click on the blue "Unisciti a una lega" button, and look for Fantacomfy. The password as always is: miriam

Reminder to keep it comfy, take your meds, brace for a disappointing /mercato/, eat pusy 3 times a day, drink your delusionfuel and flirt with the cute cashier