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I don't know how many of you have been following this Youtuber boxing shit but this stuff is getting hilarious.
>KSI nignog has a massive ego because he beat Logan Paul on a controversial split decision 4 years ago
>keeps calling out Jake Paul saying he can beat him constantly despite Jake actually fighting regularly and real fighters
>takes on his first fight in 4 years against no name Youtuber Alex Wasabi
>keeps saying this is a warmup fight to fight Jake even though he's fighting a Youtuber and Jake's trying to fight real boxers and knocked out Woodley
>Jake pulls absolute power move and bribes Wasabi to pull out of the fight in the last 3 weeks
>Offers to fight KSI for free, on his promotion, in his country, at his weight
>KSI hilariously ducks him and announces he's fighting a rapper friend of his with zero boxing experience
>tries to salvage his event by fighting twice in the same night, second fight against a pro boxer
>said pro boxer is a 43 year old Bulgarian journeyman with 4 wins and 16 losses
>his team did literally zero research and fans found out he's a literal neonazi with white power tattoos
>Another fight on the brink of being cancelled