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Serpents Rising: O.J. Simpson documentary

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Have you guys seen this? I think it PROVES O.J. Simpson didn’t do it but he’s responsible for not helping Nicole.

>Two different knives found at murder scene
>Medical examiner who performed the autopsy testified at a preliminary hearing that it had to be two people who committed the murder
>Jeffrey Felix, OJ’s prison guard, wrote a book about what OJ told him
>2 Drug dealers came to OJ’s door asking for money to pay off Nicole’s debts
>OJ refuses because he didn’t want to deal with Nicole anymore
>The drug dealers go to Nicole’s and OJ follows
>OJ finds them in the middle of the stabbing
>OJ gets blood on him, but is a coward and runs home and refuses to report it
>OJ later says during his parole hearing for the kidnapping case that he was suing Felix about this story, saying he made it all up

You can rent it on Amazon for very cheap.