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Drama at Spain Women's National Team

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>Fifteen players have sent an email to the Spanish Football Federation in which they renounce to play in the Spanish national team claiming they are not in the best emotional situation after the Federation president's refusal to dismiss the coach from his position.

>The Royal Spanish Football Federation communicates that, throughout today, it has received 15 emails from 15 players of the women's senior national soccer team, coincidentally all with the same wording, in which they state that the current situation generated affects them "significantly" in their "emotional state" and in their "health" and that, "while it is not reversed", they resign from the Spanish national team.

>The RFEF will not allow the players to question the continuity of the national coach and his coaching staff, as making such decisions is not within their competence. The Federation will not allow any kind of pressure from any player when it comes to adopting sporting measures. This type of maneuvers are far from exemplary and outside the values of soccer and sport and are harmful.