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/mlb/ general: OVER .500 edition

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PHI: Ranger Suárez tosses six scoreless against Braves
ATL: Max Fried strikes out eight in loss to Phillies
TB: Randy Arozarena notches 32nd steal in Rays' win
TOR: José Berríos lit up for six runs in loss to Rays
BAL: Kyle Bradish nets 10 strikeouts in win over Astros
HOU: Justin Verlander completes six in loss to Orioles
MIL: Kolten Wong launches three homers in win over Reds
MIL: Brandon Woodruff strikes out 11 in win over Reds
CIN: Hunter Greene strikes out eight in loss to Brewers
SEA: Julio Rodríguez (back) to undergo MRI exam Friday