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Yes, I'm still a Messi supporter. It has been proven time and again that without him, our team is shit. So allow me the opportunity to dispel some misconceptions about today's match.

>part time dentists
Yes, except most of them are full time professional footballers. This is the same Iceland that won against England, drew against Portugal. They qualified for the WC, they're tall and disciplined. Why people still underestimate them and treat them like amateurs is beyond me. I just wish the meme would just end.

>Messhit missed a penalty against a part time film maker
Penalties are, most of the time, 50/50 luckfests. Anyone could've missed or score that one. Perhaps the penalty kick could've been executed better. Who cares, it was a lose-lose situation for him. If he had scored, it would've been a >le score a penalty against part time film maker meme instead.

>Messi did fuck all the entire match
If creating most of the chances Argentina had is doing fuck all then what isn't? What did Ronaldo do yesterday? One penalty goal, One cheesy gk mistake, Fair enough, there was one godly FK similar to one Messi scored last WC. But the level of participation in plays is roughly the same. It's not Messi's fault that he's literally surrounded by shit players that shouldn't be on the NT anymore. Namely Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria, and Mascherano.
Also, Iceland parked the bus, and rightfully so, because they won't be dumb enough to go all attack on Argentina and risk losing 6-1. What can Messi do against 10 huge Icelanders following him around constantly?
The problem is that even his teammates expect him to do EVERYTHING, and that's a huge problem with our NT and part of the reason why Messi feels burdened.
If you still feel Messi doesn't do shit, you should rewatch the match. You'll notice that most, if not all, attacks go through him.

Running out of chars now... if you're an Argentine and want Messi to fail, know that you're part of the problem.