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/qst/ - Quests Feedback & Suggestions Thread

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It's been a long time coming but we're finally creating a quest board. We're going to give it some unique features to help quest authors and before we open the board to posting we want to give anons an opportunity to give some feedback on what we've come up with. We also have a basic set of rules that we'd like the people who are going to be using the board to critique.

/qst/ - Quests

<li>Safe for work</li>
<li>Bump limit 1000</li>
<li>User IDs</li>
<li>Only OP can post images</li>
<li>OP can use basic text formatting (bold, italics, a handful of text colors)</li>
<li>Everyone gets dice</li>

The point of limiting images to the OP is to make sure that people don't get distracted by reaction images, and to allow the OP more control over the setting and tone in the thread. The OP is the quest author, and if only they can post images then they have a greater ability to create a mood, an atmosphere for the story they are trying to tell. It also limits the potential for spamming and intentional derails by trolls. Same goes for limiting text formatting to quest authors. The point of italics, bold, and colored text is to give the quest author more options in how they present their story. Maybe they want to use italics for character dialog, maybe they want to use bold for labeling important items, or maybe they want to use colors to highlight key words. These features are being added for the benefit of the quest author, and not for funposting.