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Why the FUCK do I need to use more than one type of dice to play a game? Don't even get me started on custom dices.
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/elf/ elf general

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Post elves
Discuss elves

Previous thread: >>85623236 disappeared under suspicious circumstances
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Time for a fucking WORLD OF GREYHAWK thread.
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Why does Japan love medieval Europe as a setting?
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>most of the LotR plastics that form the bulk of a lot of people's armies are approaching 24 years old

Look at them. Look at them and thank the Perry Twins for simply caring in a way no zoomer with zBrush ever, ever could.

I love the approach, it's like that seen in 15mm and 20mm kits. Monopose plastics on a sprue with maybe only a few shields and spears not attached.
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Neutral Gay

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/L5RG/ - Legend Of The Five Rings General

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Samurai don't live in houses edition.

I've wondered for a while now why L5R isn't more popular. With such a wide plethora of lore books, great written adventures, character creation not too far from the WoD style and the whole Asian aesthetic drawing in the weeb crowd. The only question to ask is 'Where are all the players?'
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So, Ferrus Manus. What was actually his thing beyond having metal hands and losing his head early on? Was he spared the Horus Heresy bullshit by exiting the stage early?
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Getting into D&D 3.5

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3.5 veterans of /tg/, I seek thy help. I like to run sandboxy games with little to no regard for "balance", so for obvious reasons I'd like to try DMing a 3.5 Eberron campaign soon. However, neither my friends nor I have any experience with the system, so I'd appreciate any and all advice you can offer.
I mainly seek book recommendations - 3.5 has an ocean of content, and I don't wanna overwhelm my players (and myself) by allowing absolutely everything in their very first campaign. I've already settled on the three core rulebooks, as well as all the Eberron ones. Are there any others I should check out? Which ones should I avoid?
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Werewolves in your setting

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How do you deal with them, and what are they like?
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