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Tieflings are so fuckin ugly

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Jesus. First off, their tails. Their tails are all overly thick, and reptilian looking, like a dragon or dinosaur. The base of the tails are so thick that it pretty much covers up/negates any possible ass they may have, they end up having lizard butt. Second, the horns, oh god. The horns fuck everything up, the hair doesn't grow from the areas the horns come from, so they have fucked u[ hairstyles and hairlines, making them look partially bald on some parts of the head. Plus some have fucked up foreheads, like klingons/male draenei, due to their horns growing so close in front and being so huge. It's like they have a big fucking bald area where other beings would have a hairline.

Look at the picture, her hairline and hair are all kinds of fucked up, and she has no ass due to that fucked up tail. How the fuck do they even wear pants or dresses anyway, cut holes in everything they find, or do they have magic clothes? Fucking stupid.