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40k Tyranids

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Hey elegan/tg/entlemen,

So, I'm starting to get into 40k for the first time. Yeah, yeah, it's expensive. But I have a stable job and plan on buying a 500 point army.

After going to the local gaming place and checking various codexes my original decision to choose space marines has changed to


Something about them seems cool. And, come to think of it, I've always liked the Alien (AvP) and Zerg in starcraft. So Tyranids seem a natural choice.

Anyway, sirs, I'm hoping you might be able to critique my choices for my first 500 point armies. I'll be buying a few extra units to swap here and there, but I'll just lay it out and here what you guys have to think.

HQ- Tyranid Prime
Troops- 2x Termagant Brood
Heavy Support- Carnifex (probably with 1 twin-link devourer w/ brainleech and, 1 twin-link deathspitter)
(and my ace up the sleeve)
Elite- The Doom of Malan'tai + Mycetic Spore

This would be a primarily anti personnel/horde army. If I face off against something a little more armor heavy. I'd swap the Carnifex for 2x Zoanthropes, give one of the Termagant Brood devouers, and give my HQ regen+toxin sacs.

Otherwise, 40k general, i guess.