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Today I played the first part of the introduction to the deathwatch RPG game. Here's some highlights:

Space Wolf shooting at two suiciders with his bolter; full 4 burst fire. First shot hits as normal, second shot righteous furies... 6 times. The third shot hit as normal and the last one also righteous furies... 5 times.

The space wolf did over 50 damage for the second and last shot; he was laughing as he kept rolling 10s.

Blood Angel with heavy bolter rolls a 12 on a point blank fully automatic shot, he has a degree of 9; all of his rounds hit. DM said to not bother rolling and just said this; that horde used to be magnitude 37; it is now magnitude 7.

Apothecary gets a degree 2 perception roll as he walks into PDF base, pinpoints the single infected officer who is right beside him; backhands and beheads the officer.

Dark Angel rigged the door with 6 krak grenades so that when they were breached they would blow outwards; with the door. He had to taunt the mob for about 2 turns, but they finally fell for it.

Also Space Wolf went into a basilisk and closed the doors; took off his helmet and grinned at the unarmed crew with bolt pistol and combat knife out. They broke without him even making the intimidation test. He ripped them apart and one came and and died of fright.

We're now off to find the Broodlord!