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Ok /tg/, I've gots me an idea, taken from another thread and I want to expand upon it.
Elves as the Byzantine Empire. Now hear me out, and then I'll get to my question.

The Byzantine empire, as you almost certainly know, were the mostly Greek speaking remnants of the Roman Empire. They occupied the gateway to the east, the narrow pass between the Black Sea and the Mediterranean. Though they were seperate and distinct from Rome, after an unfortunate schism in (I believe) the 3rd century, the Eastern Roman Empire was the true successor to the empire, though still only a shade of its former glory. The Roman ideals began to fade, and though the 'old ways' were held in high reverence, the truth was that there were simply not enough Romans living there to maintain the Legion and their pragmatic way of life. So, much of the Byzantine military was outsourced to mercenaries, with only a small core of their most elite troops being actual Byzantine citizens, and even then, the most elite of the elite were the Verangian Guard, who were Scandinavian and Englishmen recruited because of their political neutrality and 'outsider' status, to avoid another Praetorian Guard situation, with the Emperor's guards acting as kingmakers.