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I suppose OP deleted the thread due to it not becoming a shitstorm of BAWW SPESS MEHREENZ, so I'll just make a new one for my reply.

I think making an investigation-heavy campaign in DW wouldn't be that hard at all. Imagine: A bizarre Space Marine Chapter decides to join the Crusade, but some of their "customs" are somewhat fishy for the higher-ups. The Kill-team is sent to the same frontline as the Chapter, and their prtimary task is to test the newcomers' purity.

Another one: On a newly conquered world, there is found an ancient fortress of unknown origin, possibly even the Dark Age of Technology. Who would be better in investigating its usefulness than the Space Marines? Once they enter it, however, weird things start happening, and some new theories on the building's creators' allegiance are bound to appear.

Those two are just from the top of my head. Note, that all kinds of "inconvenient truths" can be found, like the one in Final Sanction. If a Dark Angel is in the party, shit can get hilarious, to the point of team-killing.
Whaddya think?