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Zeonquest Pt71

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I'm a little late, but whatever we do this until 1 at night anyway.

You are Commander David Lister (ZC, KCoZ) ace pilot and CO of the elite independant corps the Nachtmaren Unit. You've spent the war kicking ass, taking down Gundams and testing out all maner of prototypes but now it's crunch time: Operation Odessa.

A massive attack, led personally by General Revil, comprised of everything from Mobile Suits to infantry, on your primary source of resources, the Odessa mining facility.

After an attempt to make a good first impression via an airdrop night raid on an a enemy Artillery unit turned hilarious when the Gundam appeared out of nowhere, you arrived to Odessa and were given special orders.

Take out Revil.
And not in the flowers and movie kind of way.

In order to track the wily General down, you sent out your Wappa Dragoons out on a recon mission and reinforced the fatigued troops holding out at the defence lines. It's mid evening when you hear from them again...