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Okay /tg/, I'm working on a mini-campaign, a crossover between Ghostbusters, Men in Black, and Gremlins. The players are to play the MiB in one adventure, the Ghostbusters in another, and for the finale they choose the character they liked best and team up with the others characters (hopefully resulting in a mixed GB/MiB group) to prevent the Gremlins from laying waste on some city (it was New York in gremlins II so I was thinking Washington DC. Or the whole of New Jersey. Must be something equally comical and over-the-top)

Care to give me a hand ? The working basis is that there will be two prologues, one for each agencies. During the prologues, they will find an object each, that will destroy the gremlins in the final episode once combined.

Then the proper campaign begins, several years after the prologues. I was thinking that elements from the GB prologue are at the center of the MiB adventure, and vice-versa.

In the finale, well, the elements from the two adventures result in the gremlin menace, and the MiB and GB have to team up, and use stuff from the prologues of each other to fight the gremlins.

I've already determined some stuff, i'll post it next once i translated my notes. Until then, thoughts, anyone ?