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More Tau Writefaggotry

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Continuation of the writefaggotry!

An Earth Caste Tau who, legally, has no business being a TV host in the Tau Empire makes a documentary about an Imperial insurgency on a world in the Third Sphere, with a daring human cameraman who has a desire to uncover the infinitely more grimdark truth about how the Tau treat the other races of the galaxy in their Empire!

Thinly-veiled references to Iraq, terribad dialogue, and rushed interludes abound! Also soon to contain Orks.

Either awesomeness or terribad storytelling awaits! Your mileage will vary.

In the previous thread, I was holding a vote for the next chapter of my story.

>Interviews with some civilian Tau that came along with the Fire Warriors. Water Caste relief workers give candy bars to little human kids!
>The Ork option remains valid
>Sentinels, and a fight with actual human soldiers
>Interview with Shas'La Bali, who was untalkative earlier

Let's get those votes in while I go sleep again, people! I will take the time to make sure this next chapter positively DOES NOT SUCK!

By which I mean 'No promises, will do what I can to ensure the most quality.'