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Hop on in the Nostalgia Machine elegan/tg/entlemen...

So at first I'd like to see /tg/'s opinions. I really wasn't aware if this system was popular or not and it was sad that it was used during the death throes of TSR but I really liked it. The mechanics were odd but every RPG is like that until you learn it. It could be a quite deadly game (one friend managed to punch a hole through the bridge of the ship they were on and explosively decompressed the bridge sending the baddies assaulting the bridge and another player into the void.)

Star*Drive I think was a really awesome setting. It was also weird to see it kinda "Shadowrun in space" at times with the "FX" stuff. But we pretty much tossed that out and played "Traveller Light." Our party was varied enough all ready.

tl;dr Alternity what does /tg/ think?