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So, /tg/, I've been invited to my first game of DnD.
It's gonna be 4e, since that's the only edition the host has manuals for. He said he'd be trying to get his hand on 3.5 books later.

I'm gonna play a Cleric of Bahamut most likely, going for greatswords and almost certainly the Angelic Avenger paragon path.
Obviously my first feat will be THF, but I'm wondering about other skills/feats, since I'm completely new to DnD. I've read the 3.5 PDFs, but I guess most of it comes from playing experience.

Do you friendly fa/tg/uys and ca/tg/irls have any advice, or should I just roll with whatever sounds fun?

Pic sort of related, it's what I'm aiming for.
Inb4 just play paladin.