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Dragon Quest XIX

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Despite the (multiple) delays, the morning, at least, provides the entertainment Scinnari and you had been hoping for. Shortly before sunrise, you cease to get the few hours of sleep you each need. It leaves you in a pleasant enough mood to deal with a pair of unfortunate surprises... Mostly.

Cygnis greets you outside the temple of Alset when you arrive, around the eleventh bell, to speak with Thuron. She is accompanied by an individual you do not recognize, a tall human, dressed in clothes fitting of one of the merchant princes of the far east.

“Ah. Finally here.” The stranger says, as you approach. Turning to Cygnis, he continues, “I suppose you were right, this 'Thuron' did tell him.”

“I should assume, then, that Thuron informed you, too, last night?” you ask of Cygnis. The stranger practically growls.

“You would do well to show more respect...” he says, in a tone just shy of a threat, though such condescending advice is hardly better. Cygnis intevenes before your exchange has a chance to grow hotter, leading everyone inside.

“Ah. Cibach, I... heard of the occurence, and further, Thuron tells me he has determined that the Sealord himself is an adherent of the cult...”

“I had heard such, but not from him.” you agree, “I assume he has more reliable ways to determine that than ballroom gossip.”

“Indeed.” Cygnis agrees, ignoring the smoldering of the human, of whom you are becoming more certain isn't, as time passes. “I... between that and the implications that the cult persists, and is still strong and capable, I deemed it wise to ask for assistance. Cibach, this is my... broth-”

“-Half- brother.” the human interjects, apparently finding the difference important.

“*Half* brother,” Cygnis agrees reluctantly, “Azdukashen. Azdukashen, Cibach Azal-”

“Your puppet in the city.”