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If it were a game. . .

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DM: All right, so, you guys made your investigators yet?
Players: Yeah.
DM: Okay, what are they? Dan, you go first.
Dan: I made a slightly wacky, bookish professor who studies ghosts and such, bit on the verbose side. Lots of investigative skills and crafting skills, not much in combat.
DM: Okay, you next, Harold.
Harold: Uhh. . . I kinda made the same type of character as Dan. . .
DM: Oh, umm. . . Well, this can still work out. What about you, Bill?
Bill: Also a professor, but not much of one. More concerned with making money than teaching. Huge womanizer, bit of a dick.
DM: Uh huh. I guess you’ll have no problems roleplaying that one. And you, Ernie?
Ernie: I can’t play for the next session or two, but I made a more combat-focused dude. Big black guy, lots of strength, the works.
DM: . . . I guess I can work with this. First two or thee sessions we’ll do will just be investigation, we can pick up the combat stuff later.
Harold: Hey, you never really did explain what this campaign was about. Care to tell us?
DM: Sure. Modified CoC setting, lots of paranormal stuff, especially ghosts. You won’t be able to fight these things with weapons, but, though your characters won’t immediatly know this, you can use electricity to harm them, and they can be trapped.