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Plague zombies

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Hi /tg/! Chaos (SM and Deamons) players are particularly welcome!

I'm doing a little 'expansion / supplement' for Chaos forces. Yeach I know it sounds bad, as most of shit like that is made by kids and scream 'TIMMAH' in your face, but please- try to look at it more more sympathetic..
I always felt that Chaos lacks some basic shit like Cultists and that what I want to show in this post... Plague zombies!
I do not play Chaos, so it is even not for me..
So tell me what you think about this:

You can take one Plague zombies unit for every unit related to Nurgle (bearing mark, icon or being a deamon of Nurgle). Plague zombies do not take any Force organization slot, do not count as kill points and can’t hold any objective.
Plague zombies - 3 points per model
WS 2 BS 1 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 1 A 1 Ld 4 Sv -

Number: 15 - 30 Zombies
Unit Type: Infantry
Equipment: rotten claws, teeth and foul smell
Special Rules: Slow and purposeful, Scouts, Fearless, Feel no pain, No pain at all

No pain at all – re-roll any unsuccessful rolls for Feel no pain special rule