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Occasionally, I like to wander into hobby shops, not to buy anything or play any games, but just to mingle about and see how much trolling I can get done.

Today, I brought a friend into a Games Workshop. Since he knows nothing about 40k, he became my unwitting accomplice in finding ways to annoy people.

The first target was a game being played using the Assault on Black Reach set. "See, these orks are gonna have a go at those smurfs over there. They have guns that shoot rocket exploding bullets, laser cannons, and walking tanks. But more importantly, papa smurf over there is gonna run up and hit them with his sword. That's how we get things done in the future."

Seeing little potential here, we headed further back into the store, where two marine armies were in the middle of a battle.

"And this right here is an act of heresy. I don't think the emprah's going to be happy about all this." At this point, my buddy spots a land raider which had made its way quite near some enemies, and decided to offer his tactical advice:
"Why don't you just run those guys over with the tank?"
"Because that guy with the big oven mitt will punch it and it'll explode."
"Really? But it isn't even his turn."
"Yeah, he's not a very good sport."

Later, he wanted to know why the space marines were fighting against each other. One player had ultramarines, and the other had unpainted marines he was calling dark angels.

"You see, there's been a major dispute over who gets to control the imperial paint reserves on this here planet 'table four'. The smurfs hold all the supply, and by the orders of their great leader Matt Ward, they're forcing everything to be blue because he's been playing Earthbound lately. But the Angels want to be green because they think orks are really cool. Clearly, fratricide is the only answer."